Sunday, March 9, 2014

Starting a 7DRL called Colorshift.

Okay, so I'm starting a rogue-like for the 7drl Challenge.  I'm calling it Colorshift.  That seemed like an appropriate name and a quick Google search didn't turn up any other rogue-likes with that name.

The main theme is that red, green, and blue creatures form a rock, paper, scissors hierarchy.  The player is also one of those given colors, and absorbs the color from defeated mobs.  That absorbed color can be used to transform into the color of choice.  The goal is simply to get to the end of the level and proceed to the next level.  At this point there isn't a planned end or anything other than earning score for every level completed.

I'm going to be using Python and libtcod.  Everything will be standard ASCII.  I'm thinking of having very basic levels with just walls and an exit for each level.

Time to get coding!

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